DFBC Ministries

Divine Faith Baptist Church has many ministries that exist to serve those who attend our church, but they also provide ways in which you can be a part of serving others. Please contact the church at 252-446-3248 or through our contact us form here, if you would like additional information about any of these ministries. These important ministries include:

Pastoral Ministry

Mission Statement:

Deacon Ministry
Mission Statement:
Deacons are to be an example to the believers. In that our Christian life and steadfastness in the faith can be set before the congregation as worthy of imitation. We must manifest the highest example of godliness, faithfulness and purity in the face of temptation and demonstrate loyalty and love toward Christ, out Pastor and the Gospel.

Deaconess Ministry
Mission Statement:
At Divine Faith Baptist Church our missions is to serve with honor, love, dignity and respect for our Church family and community, according to God’s word. As spirit-filled servant of Christ, we are committed to being good stewards by reaching out to the lost, teaching the women of the Church by example and precept and ministering to their needs. Also to make sure that the house of God is in order to administer the ordinance of the Christ which are the Holy Communion and Baptism.

Music Ministry
Mission Statement:
Divine Faith Baptist Church Praise Team exist to minister through song, to create an atmosphere whereby people feel free to praise and worship God, so that their hearts will be open to receive the word of God.

Ushers' Ministry
Mission Statement:
At Divine Faith Baptist Church the Usher’s Ministry exists to aid the pastor in making the service a success, by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message.

Women's Empowerment Ministry
Mission Statement:
Divine faith Baptist Church Women's Empowerment Ministry exists to praise honor and glorify God. To touch the lives of women and girls both spiritually and mentally. To create an atmosphere in order to develop their gifts, talents, abilities and lasting relationships with God and with mankind.

Men Under Construction Ministry
Mission Statement:
Divine Faith Baptist Church Men’s Ministry, “Men Under Construction,” exist to praise, honor and glorify God. Our mission is to train, equip, lead and disciple adult and young men through studying God’s Word, Christian fellowship and prayer.

Youth Ministry
Mission Statement:
In accordance with the church vision and mission, the youth are to go out for Christ, bring them in for Christ and build them up in Christ, so that they may go back out for Christ.

 Additional Ministries

Evangelistic Ministry

Benevolence Ministry

New Members Ministry

Adult Praise Team Ministry

Youth Praise Team Ministry

Beautification Ministry

Dance Ministry

Culinary Ministry

Finance Ministry

Announcement Ministry

Security Ministry

Church Van Ministry

Pastor's Aid Ministry

Outreach Ministry

Scholarship Ministry